Summer break

I’ve been wanting to write for a few weeks now. However, as the semester was drawing to a close, a wave of major essays, take-home exams and finals ended up consuming most of my time. The uni library became every student’s second home and was lined with rows and rows of students hunched over their glowing apples, textbooks and notes every day, their faces etched with stress, fatigue and eventually, indifference.

Most of us tend to think about uni as an unexciting, two semesters of imprisonment every year. To be repeated between three and five times. The gaol analogy seems quite appropriate, right? We talk about the ‘freedom’ that awaits us. We exclaim gleefully that we are ‘free’. But what are we really free from? A self-imposed gaol?

More on that over the next couple of months.

And hello, summer break.


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