2014 Resolutions

I’ve been thinking long and hard about whether I should write a post on 2014 resolutions. The cynical me often finds New Year Resolutions to be lacking in any real meaning, and merely a ritual of self-gratification. I mean, we’ve all heard it before. We can make a change in our lives and set new goals any minute, hour, day or month of the year. Also, writing a checklist of vague or otherwise overly ambitious (read: borderline unachievable) goals and actually working towards these goals and accomplishing them are two completely different things. And here, the first thing that springs to mind (my mind, at least) is Bridget Jones’s Diary: ‘Resolution #1: Obviously, lose 20 pounds’. But how exactly do you plan  to lose the 20 pounds (9.07 kilos)?

Before you know it, summer is in two weeks and all you can think of is:

BJD - a little bit fat

But then I thought about it. There’s nothing wrong with the possibility of falling short of achieving your resolutions. It’s really more about the process and the experience of working towards those resolutions that counts. Fearing that sense of shame and disappointment come December isn’t a reason to not make resolutions. Because after all, contrary to what we often lead ourselves to believe, resolutions don’t have to be static. Over the course of the year, while we’re working towards the goals we had in mind, we might come to the realisation that increasing our level of fitness and eating healthily is more important than simply losing 9 kilos. Well, what I’m really trying to say, very inarticulately (oh dear, another Bridget Jones’s Diary reference…), is that New Year Resolutions can simply be taken as a guide as we strive towards whatever we believe will make us happier and more fulfilled individuals. They don’t have to be goals that fit neatly over 365 days, starting from the 1st of January. Instead, resolutions can be a way for us to better understand both our medium to long-term aspirations, and who we are.

So, in no particular order, my New Year ‘Resolutions’:

1. Make the most of my last year of university.

2. Add more recipes/methods/techniques to my cooking repertoire.

3. Maintain work/life/uni balance.

4. Incorporate running into exercise routine and train towards a 5k+ (timed) run. Also, continue to exercise regularly and follow a roughly 80/20 rule when it comes to food.

5. Be more open about new experiences, ideas, and people. Say YES more often!

6. Find beauty in the everyday.


2 thoughts on “2014 Resolutions

  1. I love hearing people’s resolutions and yours sounds quite like what I told myself! The exercise one I tell myself every year and every year I find myself in the same situation so this year I am going to do it! I love that you have a goal, keep up the motivation!


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