La La La(nd)!

La La Land hits all the right notes – it tells the story of a jazz musician and an aspiring actress falling in love and supporting each other to achieve their dreams in Los Angeles. It’s romantic, whimsical, and nostalgic, and reminds us that we should chase our dreams, even if the odds are against us.

If you want to continue feeling like you’re waltzing through the stars… you have to continue listening to the jazz soundtrack. Non-stop, like I have. #callmeobsessed

My favourite tracks are:

  • Someone in the Crowd
  • Mia and Sebastian’s Theme
  • Planetarium.

Enjoy! 🙂


Sunday Loves

I love Sunday. Sleeping in, brunch, staying in my pyjamas for as long as possible, curling up with a good book, listening to music, relaxing and rewinding…

Today, I’ve been loving: 

Priscilla Ahn – ‘Dream’

A few weeks ago, a friend recommended Pandora for finding music. Turned out that I had signed up for it a long time ago, well, long enough for me to forget my password. Now I can’t get enough of it – especially the Joshua Radin radio station, which I’ve been listening to almost every day. I love listening to it while catching up on the blogs I follow on Bloglovin and drinking a nice cup of tea. Through the Joshua Radin radio station, I discovered Priscilla Ahn and this song:


I’ve been listening to it on repeat lately. It’s hauntingly beautiful; the kind of song that makes you want to stop what you’re doing and close your eyes. Because that’s the best way to enjoy it.

A Beautiful Mess

I’ve been reading a lot of lifestyle/interior design/home decor/cooking blogs lately, and this is one of my favourites. I’ve also been loving Design Sponge and Decor 8. So much inspiration for my future home (whenever that may be…)! I think I need to start using Pinterest…

Blue Jasmine


Cate Blanchett. What more do I need to say?

The Wolf of Wall Street 


Three hours of debauchery. At one point in the film, I was disgusted by what seemed to be an ode to wealth and status, a not so subtle attempt to glorify greed and justify psychopathic behaviour. The film could have benefited from a tighter plot and more drawn out characters, but overall, I did quite enjoy the film. I do generally enjoy Wall Street films though. The acting was superb. (Oh, Leo.) And I didn’t even realise Margot Robbie was from the Neighbours! It was only after I looked at the cast carefully did I remember who she was… though my only recollection of her is in school uniform. 


I found a good cinnamon teacake recipe so I decided to try it out! The prep wasn’t too difficult, though I did find creaming the butter and sugar a little messy. As it was baking, the kitchen was enveloped with the warm aromas of cinnamon and butter. YUM. The cake was quite delicious indeed. Although I probably should have made it earlier in the day, as eating cake late at night is probably going to be very unforgiving… on my waistline. But that’s why I have a gym membership, right?


Happy ‘Straya Day!

What are your Sunday loves?